CD DVD 스핀들 모터 -3500RPM

(CD DVD Spindle Motor)


  • 본 제품은 CD나 DVD 에 사용되는 DVD/CD 스핀들 모터입니다.
  • 디스크를 매우 빨리(약 3500RPM) 회전 시키는 제품입니다.
  • L293, TB6612, DRV8833 등의 모터 드라이버로 동작시킬 수 있습니다.


  • 5.9V max current
  • Motor diameter: ~22mm
  • Spindle diameter: 30mm
  • For one, they're mostly flat on the end, so you can tape or glue it to a flat surface easily.
  • They are well balanced, don't vibrate a lot which makes them nice and quiet compared to most other motors (they're not totally silent)
  • They spin fast, about 3500 RPM at full power - can PWM the motor driver to reduce speed
  • 20 mA free running current, 400mA stalled.
  • The motor is rated at 5.9V max. You can use 3V to 6V DC, the speed and torque may vary
  • They've already got a plastic hub on em, so its super easy to attach whatever you like


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